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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Don't They Have Anything Better To Do...

...Maybe not. A North Dakota State Senator has proposed legislation which has made it through the senate to reinstate Roger Maris' 61-homer season as the MLB single season homerun record. Other than the fact that the government has absolutely no business dealing with any of this, I was just wondering if all the social, economic, and other problems of North Dakota have been solved?

It would seem to me they must have solved all of them.

It also perplexes how this steroids issue is the only thing that Congress can actually act promptly on. That and the whole Schiavo mess, but that is not for me to comment on.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I'm famous again,

Well not really. But a great article on Drinking Liberally here in Philadelphia.

Here it is, in all its gooey goodness.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Santorum is ignorant of the Law

and most other things.

I asked a close family member for their view of the Schiavo decision, specifically Rick Santorum's quote regarding the decision, courtesy of Atrios.

Here is his opininon of what Santorum said;

Santorum is ignorant of the law. The judge has not denied them the right to a full trial de novo [which, by the way, does not necessarily mean that there has to be a trial in open court since much of the facts and testimony is already existent -- it just means that he must review the testimony and evidence anew -- without giving any deference to the other rulings by the 19 other judges who ruled in the husband's favor]. What his ruling means is that the plaintiffs had failed to meet the heavy legal burden that is imposed upon anyone seeking a temporary restraining order -- they must demonstrate both (1) irreparable harm [this is two edged sword here since one can argue that her dying is irreparable harm but if her wish is not to live this way, each day that she is forced to remain in this condition is irreparable harm to her -- thus irreparable harm is a wash [at least that is the way I see it -- not sure how judge came out on this one]; (2) the likelihood that they will ultimately prevail at a trial on the merits. It is this latter one that probably was the basis for the court's ruling. In evaluating this, the judge could look to the fact that 19 other judges have found for the husband on this and deem this strong evidence [as opposed to judicial deference - which is a differrent concept] countering the likelihood that they would ultimately prevail on the merits. I think that this is the way that the case may go all the way to the Sup. Ct. denying review. But we shall see. The act of Congress was ill-thought out and from what I can see fairly impotent -- precisely because due to the separation of powers the legislative branch is limited in how they can dictate the outcome of judicial cases.

p.s Thanks Dad

Ya Gotta Love the Daily Show

Haven't found a link yet, but the Daily Show did a number on Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. First they showed him speaking to the Senate about "watching" the Schiavo videos, and in his"expert" opinion, he says she is not in a vegetative state.

Then they flash to his appearance on, I believe it was an ABC morning show, where he was asked if he still believed that you could get AIDS from tears or sweat. He said he can not say whether or not you can.

My only question is, How is he still a frickin doctor?

Friday, March 18, 2005

Just noticed my interesting Google Ads

I guess since I posted on the steroids issue, google linked up steroids purchasing sites to mine. Not sure if it will still be there, but sure is interesting.

Maybe I'm a little cynical

But this reeks of a pure publicity stunt. A member of the Bush administration listening to someone else's ideas and actually acting on them, I don't think so. Unless Bono is making a country album, I don't think he fits in with the long term plans of the Bushies.

Maybe I am a little cynical, and hopefully Mr. Wolfowitz can prove me wrong and something good will come out of this administration. I wouldn't say I am holding my breath.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

So far so good

I wouldn't say Harry Reid has done a perfect job, but he has been pretty good at being what the Democrats need, a tough guy who won't take crap from anyone. Not only is he not taking crap he is dishing it out and being more pre-emptive in his actions. An example, on today's WSJ pg A5 column 1, the article spoke of Harry Reid's declaration that he will basically bring all legislation to a halt if the Republicans decide to change the voting rules to get their judicial nominees passed.

His only fault thus far is in his dealings with the bankruptcy bill, and I'm not so sure it was a fight he could have won within his own party, unfortunately that doesn't say much for the democratic party being a people's party.

Anyways, the judicial nominees are the most important issue in front of this Congress, simply because once passed they are permanent til death. A law can be changed if the public outcry gets real loud, a judge cannot be changed until he/she retires or dies.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Life is good

So anyways, it seems like everyone is doing a great job of covering the news and coverage of the news, so I figured I would talk about two things that just happened recently.

First, this morning I was moving a little slow and decided to experiment at Starbucks today, I ordered my regular grande coffee with an extra shot of espresso. I had never ordered the extra shot before, man that is really powerful stuff, my heart is still going as I type.

Second, I love Diet Pepsi, specifically the bottles with the itunes contest. Thus far in my last five bottles consumed I have won 2 buy one get one free, and 3 free songs. Now I will knock on wood, because after saying that I will never win again.

Anyways, I will return with some real commentary sometime, or maybe I won't, I don't know.

Friday, March 11, 2005

This such a waste of time

Why are they even bothering with this.

Seriously, why are they wasting our money and their time on steroid use in baseball. When did Congress become the commissioner of Major League Baseball? I guess they just don't have enough work to do. They have already accomplished so much:

  1. Record deficits
  2. Alienation of the United States from the International community
  3. Decreased funding for educational and social programs for the poor
  4. Pro-credit card bankruptcy bill about to pass

The list could go on forever.

I could almost see a reason for Congressional intervention, if there was some sort of evidence that owners pressured players into using steroids or providing them with steroids. There is no such evidence, even if there was such evidence I would still think a lot of issues should be higher up on the priority list.

Maybe there is some White House pressure, George W. would like something to put on his resume so he can finally apply for the job he most desires, MLB commissioner. There really is no rational explanation.

For a sports perspective, go here.

Toilet Paper Tax in Florida!

This story was emailed to me by my girlfriend.

I guess there is a bill sponsored by a democratic state rep. to place a 2 cent tax on each roll of toilet paper. I admit that is being very creative in figuring out ways to raise money. First off I would be screwed, that could be a lot of extra money for me considering how much time I spend in the bathroom.

Anyways, I think it could be improved if the tax was a little more detailed. A 2 cent tax on regular toilet paper. A 1 cent increase on that for each extra feature you get with your toilet paper, i.e. aloe, double roll, extra soft, etc.

What's next, a tampon tax?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Can we get back to being tree-huggers?

One thing that needs to be done in the 2006 campaign as well as 2008 campaign is to get back to being known as the party of the environment. If we want to steal those NRA votes we need to link the quality of hunting to the quality of the environment. It's not like we don't have enough ammunition to use against the "corporate republicans" as long as we don't go along with them.

The first bit of ammo may have come today, a senate committee voted to prevent filibusters when the Artic drilling legislation comes up later this year. We need to list all republicans, mainly in the southwestern states and western states, who vote for this bill that would be horrible for the environment.

The environment is one of those issues that people can see around them, as long as we link it to something, i.e. hunting, that will affect their lives in the short term, it can be an issue that will swing these voters from republican to democrat.

It Could Happen!

Bush's proposed exit plan from Iraq, via All Spin Zone via the Onion.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

No Liberal Drinking for me

Just got back from Chicago, need to run some errands, so no Drinking Liberally for me this week, but if you are in Philly go to the Ten Stone anytime after 6.

I will be back with a vengeance next week.

Well not really a vengeance, but I will be back.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Leaving on a Jet Plan

Going to Chicago until Tuesday, visiting friends and family. Not sure how much I'll blog, not sure if anyone even reads this, anyways have a good weekend.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I wonder what a 22 Pound. Lobster would taste like

I guess I may never find out because Bubba was Saved


As some of you may know the American University tennis program is set to be eliminated at the end of the year. My brother transferred to the school for tennis and academics last year. The announcement was made in the middle of another successful season and was made without warning and without allowing any of the players a chance to fundraise or present ideas on how to keep the program ongoing.

The blog highlights the situation a little better and if you have any ideas or would like to help by writing an email, here are some contacts:

Al Checcio
Vice President of University Relations
American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016

Ms. Joni Comstock
Athletic Director
American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016

Mr. Benjamin Ladner
Office of the President
American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016

Interesting Post about Kelo v. New London

The case is regarding eminent domain and it has been argued in front of the Supreme Court and they are now waiting the decision. This post on Crooked Timber sums up the issues better than I can, and anyways I am too lazy to merely repeat what they said.

This doesn't make any sense!

Just glanced over at headline on Yahoo Finance news, it reads
Greenspan Urges Action on Social Security
Wednesday March 2, 11:41 am ET
By Martin Crutsinger, AP Economics Writer
Greenspan Urges Quick Action to Deal With Financial Problems in Social Security, Medicare

But then as I read through the article I found this little tidbit,
Greenspan, as he did a month ago, urged a go-slow approach to setting up Bush's proposed private accounts.

and this one,
Greenspan said it is difficult to judge what impact that increased borrowing will have on financial markets and for that reason, the government should move cautiously to keep from triggering higher interest rates.

Here is the entire article

Update: After reading the article a little more carefully, it seems as though Greenspan may say the funding needs to be adressed quickly, but the other issues need to be addressed more slowly. Wait that still doesn't make any sense!

If you need something to cheer you up!

Since Atrios has been doing a great job covering the Social Security issue from a techinical standpoint, and it looks like we're winning

Here's a great song about Bush's Social Security Plan, since I can't offer anything good technically, I can at least link to something funny!