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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A crazy old bat

....and that would be a nice way to describe June Griffin, who was featured on evolution week at the Daily Show. Watch the clip.

I guess she was an independant candiate in Tennessee's third district, the republican party is not extreme enough for her. Her campaign was focused on placing the 10 commandments in public places, bashing homosexuals, and a return to biblical laws.

After she lost she was a little bitter, I guess.

My only question for Mrs. Griffin is when she was driving all over the state promoting the ten commandments placement in public places, did she take a break on the sabbath?

Oh boy are there a lot of kooks out there.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I bet Pat Roberston wasn't praying for this!

As some of you may know Pat Roberston has been praying for a supreme court vacancy, he has even started a campaign where you too can pray for another court vacancy!

I wonder if he actually knew who the real William Rehnquist was, would he still have prayed for his death?

An article posted on the Huffington Post, written by Alan Dershowitz really shed some light on who the real William Rehnquist was, to tell you the truth I never really liked the man much and this article didn't help much. The usual stories of Republican thuggery were performed by Rehnquist, blocking the minority vote. He also was a Nazi sympathizer although this is the only documentation of his anti-semitism:

Rehnquist later bought a home in Vermont with a restrictive covenant that barred sale of the property to ''any member of the Hebrew race.”
There is also an interesting tidbit in there about the threats Dershowitz received after going on Hannity and Colmes and telling his side of the story. He received the usual Hannity treatment, a verbal lashing when he was unable to respond. Way to be a big man Sean.

On a side note I would encourage everyone to recite this prayer in hopes of creating a vacancy in the Host position on the 700 Club.

When Corporations Do More Good Deeds

I was reading the Wall Street Journal today while in the "office", and I came across an open note from Chevron. It spoke of the energy problems facing our country and the world in general, and it guided me to this website called "Will You Join Us?" I went to the website and liked what I saw and hopefully you will too. It provides a base education for those who are unfamiliar with the looming energy crisis and there is also an oil barrel consumption counter, during my visit over 600,000 barrels of oil were consumed.

My hope is that this is not just a public relations stunt, I am hoping that they are spending as much money on their research as they are on this ad campaign.

The "office" I reference is the bathroom stall for those who don't know the location where I do my best thinking!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Twisting the facts on Global Warming

While there is no evidence that the increased frequency of hurricanes can be attributed to global warming, there has been research done by an atmospheric physicist, Kerry Emanuel of Mit, said that the Net force of these hurricanes can be attributed to global warming.

As usual, this blog on the right has blasted environmentalists for saying that this hurricane and others are the result of global warming, stating that "science does not support their conclusion."

Well Mr. Laer, I await you response, unfortunately I know how people on the right have trouble dealing with opposing view points, so I don't expect too much.

It's all Clinton's fault

This is all Bill Clinton's fault, he could have established a program in 1995 for the South Eastern Louisiana region or SELA as they now call it to prevent the flooding that could have minimized the damage of hurricane Katrina, oh wait he did start the program, but our Dear Leader decided it wasn't worth funding, I guess tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals were more important than establishing preventively measures that might have saved lives.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Conservative Blogger takes a shot at Black Charities

A conservative blog has taken a shot at black charities who have failed to put donation links on their site for Katrina. Here is the article, and it so happens that the Naacp has a donation link.

I found the final quote to be very intriguing,

"They've had several days to organize their help campaigns, and there just
isn't evidence that they are doing so."

Seems like instead of attacking the black charities we should be asking our president and homeland security director what they were doing. We know where Bush was I guess.

What am I looking at today? September 1, 2005 Edition

In between working on a project for work, I still have time to search the net for interesting finds.

The first one today was The Hot Sauce Blog, on the blog I discovered what makes peppers hot, some of you may already know but its Capsaicin. If you are so inclined, you can order pure capsacin crystals, 1 oz. will cost you about $199, it is rated 16 million on the scoville scale(used to measure hotness of peppers and sauces). This is the product review of the capsaicin crystals, product is called Blair’s 16 Million Reserve, maybe some day I will try it out.

Another thing that was on my mind, was energy, renewable energy to be exact. I have always wondered if human feces or poop can solve our energy crisis, so I googled " poop energy". I guess the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York had the same idea.

I also found a respectable Bush, that's Greg Bush of Renton, Washington who is using the cities sewage waste to create electricity through fuel cells.

Did you know that the Power of Poop is an integral part of NASA's future plans for a manned mission to Mars?

That's all for today, we will see where my divergent mind takes me next time. For now imagine the enhanced Poop Power one would produce if combined with Capsaicin!