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Monday, February 28, 2005

Swann for Pa. Governor

Interesting choice. If he was a former Eagle, I would say he might have a chance, but he's not.

Friday, February 25, 2005

The Claremount Institutes; Future Conservative Talking Heads!

Keep an eye out for these names in the future!

Future Conservative Dittoheads Posted by Hello

Holy Shit, is the world ending!

Read this and it might lead you to believe that doomsday is upon us.

"Today, our state and federal governments spend vast and increasing sums of public money for less and less good. The public sector continues to grow at the expense of the private. Regulations intrude into every corner of our lives. Schools no longer perform. Police and courts no longer protect. Good businesses are being driven to extinction by excessive and discriminatory controls, and as a result good jobs continue to disappear. Dependence grows and opportunity wanes with each passing year."

Here's my question: Since conservatives control the government isn't all this their fault, mainly the Bushies and Reagan.

Also, I would like to revise the last sentence, it should read "Good businesses are being driven to extinction by Wal-Mart" or maybe " Good businesses are being driven to extinction by the, supposedly free market, which allows massive corporations to dominate governments and exploit global resources."

There is no liberal media!

Daily Kos tells us why, via Salon.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

I need help!

Well actually my brother's tennis team needs help as well as the Women's tennis team. My brother is on a partial scholarship for tennis at American University. Here is the Men's tennis page

They need to raise a whole lot of money to keep the program going. If you have any ideas on fundraising ideas, I know this isn't a political issue but it is a good cause these are all good people over there including the coaches.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

About time!

Ryne Sandberg, my favorite baseball player ever, getting the respect he deserves, first the hall of fame, and now he will be one of the few Cubs to ever have their number retired. He was not your regular star, he was very modest stayed out of the headlines, he is what baseball is about for me.

Forgot to mention

I forgot to add philly future, they do a great job of supporting the philly blogosphere.

Updated my blog roll

I've finally updated my blog roll. I added pandagon and the All Spin Zone, which I have read a couple of times, and met the bloggers last night at DL. They even mentioned me, didn't know anyone actually reads this.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Really Funny

This is great, and I actually like the song

Thursday, February 17, 2005

It feels like I am living in a movie!

The movie I'm living right now is a spin off of Wag the Dog. If you haven't seen Wag the Dog, go here.

All this stuff about conservative pundits being paid to tout the adminstration's policies, potentially damaging reports being delayed till five months after the election(the Clarke memos), and now the latest, GANNONGATE.

Atrios has a link to three great pieces here, the link also includes the Daily show piece. My favorite has been Maureen Dowd's piece, Daily Kos has a great post, in the piece she highlights her inability to obtain a press pass from this administration while the infamous Jeff Gannon/James Guckert was able to.

Anyways, back to my Wag the Dog spinoff. All these things seem so surreal to me, that it makes me wonder if anything else has been staged or produced as in Wag the Dog.

Were the peaceful pictures we saw during the Iraqi election staged? Is anything I see on CNN or any other news channel real? The lack of research done by the "TV reporters" to even look into any information provided by this information leads me to believe that anything is possible. CNN posted two identical pictures of Iran's nuclear site, claiming that they were North Korea's as well, or was it the other way around. Does it really matter? Is any of this really happening or am I just living in a movie?

The recent developments are leading me to believe that we(not me, but bloggers and other repsonsible journalists, such as Keith Olberman, Jon Stewart, and others) are finally poking some holes in the false reality of this adminstration and the conservative news machine.

I am not sure how it will all turn out, although I am positive there will be more entertainment in the weeks to come.

I love the Daily Show

I hadn't watched the Daily Show in over a week because I was getting to sleep earlier for my LSAT this past Saturday.

So I tuned in last night and it was probably one of the funniest segments I have ever seen. From Gannon/Guckert to Bloggers in general, it was hilarious.

Stephen Colbert(aka Ted Hitler) was hilarious.

Will post the video after I tape it later.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Donate to the DNC

I just made a contribution to the Democratic National Committee. Mainly because I support Howard Dean and I identify with his ideals. At age 23 this is my first monetary contribution to a campaign. I have donated my time and effort in the past but never my money. I feel strongly that Dean is the right guy to establish a party for the people.

If you do too, contribute by going to this link

If you are interested as to what Howard Dean stands for, go here

May this be the first step in establishing a party that actually serves the people's interests.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What about the consumers?

I really hope democrats begin to use the current Bush administration goal of class action and tort reform to shed some light on who the administration and the republican party in general really support.

The only "people" that tort reform actually helps are the big insurers and corporations. That is it. Putting any caps on damages enables corporations to actually put a dollar amount on people's lives. They already do this, but now they can get away with it easily if punitive damages are capped.

Democrats are attempting to stall this in Congress by proposing amendments to the bill. The first of which was defeated.

I wanted to highlight a quote by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. He said,"...drafters of a bill must pursue a complicated ``balancing act'' to resolve differences among business, insurers, unions and trial lawyers."

I do not see any mention of the numerous individuals that will be injured and killed as a result of defective products, medical malpractice, and other corporate negligence. Since you can't incarcerate a corporation punitive damages are the only remedy to deter these corporations from placing a dollar value on human life.
This is a backlash issue and hopefully it will be used as one.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Wing Bowl

I'm new to philly, but I am going to mark my calendar for the Wing Bowl next year.
The training starts this weekend.
this is too cool