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Friday, February 25, 2005

Holy Shit, is the world ending!

Read this and it might lead you to believe that doomsday is upon us.

"Today, our state and federal governments spend vast and increasing sums of public money for less and less good. The public sector continues to grow at the expense of the private. Regulations intrude into every corner of our lives. Schools no longer perform. Police and courts no longer protect. Good businesses are being driven to extinction by excessive and discriminatory controls, and as a result good jobs continue to disappear. Dependence grows and opportunity wanes with each passing year."

Here's my question: Since conservatives control the government isn't all this their fault, mainly the Bushies and Reagan.

Also, I would like to revise the last sentence, it should read "Good businesses are being driven to extinction by Wal-Mart" or maybe " Good businesses are being driven to extinction by the, supposedly free market, which allows massive corporations to dominate governments and exploit global resources."

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