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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Anti-Abortion Anthem

I believe this song puts everything in perspective!

This is a children's entertainer using his puppet voice to sing this song, make sure you listen all the way through, after all the dates are listed, for the rousing chorus at the end.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"these are working man's hands! it's hard work!" Posted by Hello

Update: Thanks to Pete for putting words to the picture

Friday, June 17, 2005

Damn Liberals

This is hard work. We must spread freedom throughout the Muslim world. The facts are all there; Sadaam was ready to bomb us if we didn't invade, he staged the 9/11 attacks, and he tried to kill the former President Bush. If this is not enough to declare war I don't know what is.

Now I know that none of the reasons mentioned in the preceeding paragraph nor any other reason used to lead the United States into war was actually proven to be true. There is actually this pesky Downing Street Memo, that says our fearless leader "Curious George" was all intent on spreading freedom that they actually altered the intelligence to lead the country to believe that Iraq actually was a threat.

Who cares, all I have to say is Freedom is on the march, bitches!!!

None of this would have come to light if not for those DAMN LIBERALS and their treasonous questions. Who are they to question the necessity for war, if our President wants a war we should trust his judgement. If he says gays are bad then gays are bad. Who do those stupid liberals think they are, questioning our leader.

I guess our leader isn't so confident that we are getting the message, because now he has to go out campaigning to put us in the "right" frame of mind. Instead of maybe changing his ways, Bush will remain strong and firm in his ideals, he doesn't care if he was wrong to go invade in the first place and that he is wrong to keep our troops over there. All he cares is that he is consistent and he must tell us over and over again that what we are doing is right, even when the people who elected him think its wrong.

That is why he is so great, he understands that even though the majority of Americans don't support his policies, whether it is the war, social security, or other horrible policies. We don't care if he doesn't listen to us, that's not why we voted him in, we voted him in because he did not waiver, if he starts something he finishes it. Georgie doesn't care if he is wrong or if he is right, he is seldom if ever right, but thats not why I support him. I support him because he will not waiver in the face of adversity, he will not change just to save some lives or improve the state of the World.

I support him because he is our leader and to question his policies or decisions is wrong, that's what liberals do, and I am not a liberal nor will I ever be until the end of the World, which unfortunately may come sooner if Mr. Bush stays in office any longer, but at least I will die without a liberal bone in my body.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Lock them all up

In Ann Coulter's column of June 1, 2005, she makes the case against the 7 "mavericks" in the U.S. Senate who brokered the compromise with the Democratic minority. You can read it here.
Although it was a good article, I don't think Ann goes far enough.

Here is a passage from the latter part of the article:

The only way for Americans to get some vague semblance of what they voted
for is to elect mammoth Republican majorities — and no "mavericks."
(Fortunately, for the sake of civilization and the republic, that process seems
to be well under way.) Chuck Schumer could be the last Democrat in the Senate
and the new rule would be: Unanimous votes required for all Senate business. But
at least we could count on Senators Lindsey Graham, Mike DeWine, John McCain,
John Warner, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Lincoln Chafee to strike a deal
forcing Schumer to agree not to block the 99 other senators except in
"extraordinary circumstances."

I disagree with Ann here. I don't think we should wait for the voters to install a one-party system, I think we should create it now. Seriously, who do those "maverick" senators think they are, do they think that country was divided in the last election, by what a 51%-48% margin or something like that.

We won now we should get what we want, I would like a law allowing us to lock those damn "maverick" senators up. And for that matter we should lock up anyone who represents any liberal idea that is not supported by conservative ideals. Seriously, this democracy thing, especially the minority rights part needs to be re-evaluated. My vote is for a one-party system representative of the people who delivered this election for Mr. Bush, we are the Conservative Christian Party and our will should enforced, GOD DAMMIT!

The search begins.....


I'M BACK.....

Not that anyone reads this of course. I've taken the past couple weeks off in an attempt to regain my motivation. The life of an unknown, unread blogger is really tiring.

To tell the truth I have been reborn as a conservative commentator. You might think whoa!!! What made him do this? Well you know I am just tired. It is tiring always blogging about issues that you care about and that are grounded in real problems of real people. So I figured why can't I just make shit up?

So I thought about who gets to make shit up? Who doesn't really have to be grounded in reality? Who doesn't give a shit about the problems of real people?

The answer is so simple CONSERVATIVE BLOGGERS(WINGNUTS or whatever else you call them)

So I am taking the Wingnut Oath:

I, "anonymous blogger", swear to uphold the principles of the conservative
blogger, I will not let truth get in my way, nor will I let the suffering of
innocent people cloud my posts, I will be pro-war without ever fighting in one,
my duty is to type on this keyboard until freedom is spread across the World.
Freedom is on the march and as freedom marches I will not leave my post, I will
stay on my computer by my keyboard, folgers in hand, those liberals can have
their Starbucks and their lattes
, I will push on the propaganda....I
mean....unbiased message of Messrs. Bush and Rove.

It is with great honor that I take this oath of dishonesty, like the great bloggers that have come before me, such as John H. Hinderaker and Scott W. Johnson, Michelle Malkin, Patrick Hynes and Bulldog Pundit of ankle biting, and all the other wonderful sites that I will be visiting on my journey to conservative blog ecstacy.(I've heard this ecstacy involves Karl Rove, Ken Mehlman, George W. Bush, and Grover Norquist in.... I can't tell you here... use your imagination).

Now it is time to travel into the world where reality is not a limit, where truth and lies are one in the same, where Rush is Socrates and Michael Moore is Heinrich Himmler. I bid you all adieu!!