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Monday, November 01, 2004

I've got butterflies in my tummy!

I don't think I was this excited to vote in my first election in 2000. I'm not even dreading the fact that I may have to wait in line for hours and hours.

I got chills on my home from the gym, walking past a busy intersection of hundreds of Kerry-Edwards supporters. It was inspiring to hear drivers honking their horns in support and see the occasional thumbs down from the Bush supporter.

As I passed the Philly Kerry-Edwards office, I saw Pennsylvania Democratic Campaign Chair Tony Podesta. The weird thing about that, is I found his presence as impressive as any celebrity I had ever encountered.

I have a feeling I will be talking about this election for years to come. I hope it will be of the time the country turned the corner and my generation made our voices in the electorate. I am filled with hope and I believe that we will win in a decisive fashion.

I do realize that all problems will not be solved with a Kerry victory, but I still
can't wait to cast my vote for John Kerry, and tell Bush to $%#@ off.

Matt Stone on the election

Here is a quote that I found to be a very sad but true representation of what is going on today in our election process. Matt Stone, a co-creator of South Park, said,
"There're Democrats who say vote or die, Republicans are recruiting in church drives and both are looking for uninformed voters who vote basically on emotion to try to get them on their side. I just don't think that's a very civically responsible thing to do."

I agree and this needs to be changed. The problem right now is that both sides are using negative ads that are meant to encourage people to vote based on emotion and not always on the facts.

I don't know the solution but I hope we can figure one out soon.