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Monday, November 01, 2004

I've got butterflies in my tummy!

I don't think I was this excited to vote in my first election in 2000. I'm not even dreading the fact that I may have to wait in line for hours and hours.

I got chills on my home from the gym, walking past a busy intersection of hundreds of Kerry-Edwards supporters. It was inspiring to hear drivers honking their horns in support and see the occasional thumbs down from the Bush supporter.

As I passed the Philly Kerry-Edwards office, I saw Pennsylvania Democratic Campaign Chair Tony Podesta. The weird thing about that, is I found his presence as impressive as any celebrity I had ever encountered.

I have a feeling I will be talking about this election for years to come. I hope it will be of the time the country turned the corner and my generation made our voices in the electorate. I am filled with hope and I believe that we will win in a decisive fashion.

I do realize that all problems will not be solved with a Kerry victory, but I still
can't wait to cast my vote for John Kerry, and tell Bush to $%#@ off.

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