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Friday, October 22, 2004

This is just plain bullshit

I recently joined a Sean Hannity meetup group just to see what type of lunatics are members. I received the email below from some Sean Hannity fan. This is the type of crap they try to pawn off as legitimate. Remember while reading the email, even if it is true, let's compare what Bush was doing while Kerry was over in Vietnam

Hello Will,
Please share this with your Meetup members: Add another KerryEdwards sign to the garbage! On my way to Ft. Collins from Boulder and back each day I am doing a few minutes of door-to-door grass roots. The other day I handed our flyer from to a husband and wife who answered the door. They had no idea the this book, The New Soldier, by John Kerry, where he is flying the American flag upside down,even existed... after talking for a few minutes about this the wife went out on to the lawn, pulled up the sign and tossed it in the trash...We have found in our door to door outings that an overwhelming majority of people have no idea this book, so disgraceful of America and our men and women of the US Military, exists and was written by John Kerry. And on top of that disrepecting the courageous Marines who raised the flag over Iwo Jima during World War II. Sean Hannity recently mentioned this book on his TV show Hannity and Colmes and some people have heard of this book on talk radio, by surfing the internet, etc. That's maybe 10% of 200 million+ eligible voters. It's the other 90%+ who we have to reach before election day. Out of over 800 people that our group of volunteers here inColorado have talked to in person so far while going door to door, more than 30 have removed their KerryEdwards signs from their front yard. We think that is very significant. It turns out that there are many fair minded Democrats like Zell Miller and Independents who have no idea how radical of an anti-US military presidential candidate John Kerry is, not to mention some Republicans we have talked to as well. Please let everyone know that you can about our grass rootseffort and web site to inform America about the real John Kerry. Your next door neighbor may have family and friends in some other state and the same for your neighbor across the street. We understand that many people are busy right now with local, state and national races and ballot issues. We are looking for one or two persons to volunteer their time to inform everyone in their precinct all across America. Please join us to get this in the hands of every eligible voter before election day, especially fair minded Democrats and Independents. You can view and download a copy of the flyer right from the website,take a look at Volunteer Comments and read an email from a staff sergeant currently serving in Iraq that we highlight on the main page.
If our current commander-in-chief had ever written a book such as this he would have never been elected President of the United States, Governor of Texas or probably not to any other office in America.
Tony in Boulder, Colorado

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