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Monday, October 18, 2004

How is the media liberal?

This is a question that never actually comes up when you talk to any conservative. They just say outright the media is liberal. There is much evidence to the contrary, read Al Franken's book Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them, if you want a well-researched look at how the media is not liberal.

I was looking at the new CNN/Gallup Poll today which showed Bush with a 52-44 lead among likely voters and a 49-46 lead among registered voters. Even though this poll has been proven to be in error by John Zogby, it still brought the question of the liberal media to my mind.

If the media was liberal which poll would they show more? I would have to say that the liberal media would want to show the numbers that better supported their candidate.

Boy was I surprised when the 52-44 number was the only one I could find on the news sites, I had to actually read the article to find the other number. The reading part is not usually the hard part for me, but for some people they usually only look at the healines.

Again I have never believed the media to be liberal and I definitely would not have a problem with it if it were true. These types of things piss me off a little because it is not hard to display examples of non-liberal media bias. I would be interested if someone could show me some liberal bias in the mainstream media. It doesn't exist.

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