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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

An email to Chris Matthews

I have a huge problem with your assessment of the VP debate last night.
Dick Cheney had some great "zingers" as you call them, but the majority of them were untrue and/or exaggerations of the truth.
-The reference to Edwards' hometown paper calling him Senator Gone, is purely made up. His hometown paper has no record of any such referene in their archive.
-There is a picture from C-span coverage of a prayer breakfast in which Edwards and Cheney were next to each other in the buffet line.
These are just two examples that you would easily be able to find if you had any desire to do so.
You also failed to mention Edwards "zingers"In which he showed that Cheney has a deplorable record on defense.He has very questionable morals with regards to the abuses that took place under his watch at Halliburton.Overall, the fact that Dick Cheney has a problem with the truth.
You will continue to lose credibility with your audience if you continue to be lazy and just echo the majority viewpoint on your panels!
Thank you for your time
Will Weltman

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