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Friday, September 17, 2004

It's alright to be a Conservative.........

If you still believe that slavery should have never been abolished. Obviously not all conservatives are so extreme, but the ones who really push the movement and drive the Republican Party, the evangelical conservatives, are that extreme. They may not believe that slavery was a good institution, but they support other socially repressive initiatives, i.e. gay marriage. Anyways here is the official definition of

1. resistant to change

2. Tending or disposed to maintain existing institutions; opposed to change or innovation.

3. Of or pertaining to a political party which favors the conservation of existing institutions and forms of government, as the Conservative party in England; -- contradistinguished from {Liberal} and {Radical}.

Here is the link if you wish to check out the rest of the definitions:

Conservatism isn't all bad, as long as you disregard the first and second definitions. The group that fails to do this is the evangelical conservatives mainly because of their belief that we should be governed by religious laws. They do not seem to understand that this country was formed to escape religious persecution. That is why in our governing document the separation of church and state is explicitly laid out. The evangelical conservatives disregard this and seek to impose their religious beliefs on the United States and the rest of the world. This is the group of conservatives that I am afraid of, if you want to see why, you should read Margaret Atwood's The Handmaids Tale.

I believe conservatives, disregarding the evangelicals, are beneficial and very essential to our government. Basically, they keep us liberals in check.
They make sure we are fiscally responsible and they also make sure that the government does not intervene too much in people's lives. They understand that in certain areas self-regulation is alright.

Everyone, whether they classify themselves as a liberal or conservative probably has a little bit of both inside. The problem arises when one leans to far to either side and there is no balance.

If you want a copy of The Handmaids Tale, go here

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