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Monday, September 13, 2004

O'Reilly Factor: Where the spin supposedly stops!

First and foremost I would like to make the point that Bill O'Reilly should rename his supposed "no spin zone" to the no spin zone unless you are a supporter of George W. Bush, then be my guest and spin away.

On September 8, 2004 at about 8 p.m eastern time I tuned into the O'Reilly Factor as part of my usual routine of watching Fox News Channel(FNC) to get their supposed brand of "fair and balanced" coverage. Anyone rational person who watches this network admits there is a rightward slant of the coverage on this supposed news channel, except of course for the Fox News people. Of course, we can't expect them to be honest about their own political views anyways. I usually watch O'Reilly because he is the epidemy of the Fox News ratings machine. He is loud and emotional in his broadcasts and also somewhat of a bully. His bullying makes the show worth watching especially when some of his guests decide to stand up to his bull shit.

On this particular show O'Reilly was set to interview one of the authors of the controversial book, Unfit for Command, John O'neil in the "No Spin Zone." I was expecting O'Reilly to at least challenge some of the controversial material in the book, much of which has been discredited by almost anyone with a fully functioning brain. Of course, there is the possibility that O'Reilly does not have a fully functioning brain.

Anyways I could not find the words to tell you how disappointed I was that O'Reilly did not bully O'neil around at all. He also failed to call into question any of the disputed points in the book. Then I came to the conclusion O'Reilly had fallen prey to the "Bush Spin Zone" or in other words the "Bull Shit Zone".

Obviously, since I am an avid watcher of FNC, I knew that there was no way O'Reilly would characterize O'neil and the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth(lies)" as what they really are, using O'Reilly's own words, a group of "hatchet-men", "character assassins", or "hate group".
These are the characterizations O'Reilly uses of his critics and the Bush administration critics. However, he fails to use them in referencing any of the groups that provide misinformation about the left.

I guess the new catch phrase for O'Reilly's show should be,"The spin stops here if your ideals differ from mine."

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