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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Sean Hannity Word of the Day: Appeasement

If you are reading my blog you most likely know who Sean Hannity is. If you don't, he is a conservative tv and radio personality, who pretty much echoes whatever the message of the day is for the Republican Party.
It is my opinion that Sean Hannity has one of those vocabulary enhancing calendars. He chooses a new word every once in awhile that is applicable to the republican agenda and uses it over and over again in his broadcasts. This is his attempt to pass himself off as intelligent when he is really a mindless voice for the Republican party. This will be an ongoing segment in which I single out Hannity's word of the day/week/month. Sean likes to attempt to pass himself off as an intelligent person, unfortunately he isn't. You hear that Sean you are D-U-M-B!

If you were lucky enough to survive reading either of his books you would see that he has a penchant for using the same big words over and over again. Most likely he did not write the books, but he made sure that one of his special big words that he uses was present in each of the books. Having just suffered through Deliver us from Evil, the big Sean word for the book was appeasement, which Hannity still uses on air to reference the politics of failed diplomacy of Neville Chamberlain.

Chamberlain was the British Prime Minister during the beginning of the rise of Hitler in Europe. He was also conservative, like Mr. Hannity. His politics of appeasement were designed to avoid a European war by agreeing to some of the demands made by Hitler and Mussolini. However, we know this did not work and ultimately World War II began. If you want more info on appeasement here is a link,

Sean claims that we were practicing appeasement with Sadaam Hussein prior to W's presidency. He claims that John Kerry is an appeaser. He even claimed that Jessica Simpson of the Newlywed's appeased him last night. That last one was a bad joke.
It is apparent that Sean likes to use big words that he probably has little understanding of.
Stay tuned for the next edition of Sean Hannity Word of the Day!

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