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Friday, September 17, 2004

The Bush Administration: Not Conservative....

President Bush claims to be a compassionate conservative. I don't know if Mr. Bush knows the definition of conservative, but it seems to me that he is anything but on a majority of the issues. He claims to be compassionate, but I ask compassionate to whom? Oil companies, Insurance companies, Halliburton, and Saudi Arabia.

The problem with the Bush administration is that they have no frickin clue what they are doing or they have a clue but don't give a shit! My guess is the latter, except for Mr. Bush he just doesn't have a clue.

Either way its a problem!They speak of conservatism, yet the only thing they are actually conservative about is the instituition of marriage and abortion. Both issues which do not affect anyone but those evangelical conservatives who turn red when they see two people of the same sex kissing.(Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson probably turn red when he sees a man and a woman holding hands) Or go homicidal if an abortion clinic is opened.

As long as President Bush is vigilant on homosexuality and abortion, the evangelicals don't care what he does elsewhere.

They don't care if he takes money that could be spent on education, and diverts it to rebuilding Iraq and the beleagured Halliburton Income Statement.

They don't care if he sends thousands of their children to die in a war we shouldn't be fighting, as long as a woman isn't allowed to have an abortion to save her own life.

They don't care if he allows the environment to be destroyed, as long as homosexuals can't have the same rights as heterosexuals.

They don't care if we are imprisoning and killing innocent people worldwide in the name of national security, when it is doing anything but making are nation more secure.

The most frustrating part is that these people will vote Republican, no matter what the reality of their situation is! As long as homosexuals can't be on equal footing with heterosexuals and women do not have the right to choose what is done with living cells(not humans) inside their bodies, President Bush can do whatever the $#@% he wants!

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