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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I hate polls!

Attached to the title is a link to an informative article by John Zogby about polling.

Ok, I don't hate all polls, but I do dislike most of them. There are way too many polls saying way too many different things. Why not spend more resources on educating the uninformed issues as opposed to polling the uninformed about the issues?
The fundamental flaw with polls is that the majority of news coverage is on this "horse race" idea instead of about the issues that actually affect the people of the country. All we hear from the coverage is "more than half of americans polled view George W. Bush as strong on national defense" or "more americans believe John Kerry and John Edwars are stronger on the economy."
As a result the polls which are supposed to be a sampling of people's opinion become fact. If an uninformed voter tunes into to any coverage of the polls they will most likely believe the polling numbers that are presented. There is no focus on the actual issues, such as how the war in Iraq has made us less safe, or on the National Intelligence Estimate which proves that the resources spent in Iraq are being wasted. The only focus is on opinion.
The media has shirked its responsibility to provide us with information to form opinion, instead they give us numbers that tell us opinion.
Fight back!

What to do:
You must contact the media. Here are is an email address of the Chris Matthews, one his shows is actually called Horse Race or something to that effect:
Chris Matthews-

Here is a link to a page with every media email address known to us!
To find a specific name use Edit, Find on Page

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