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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Bush to Unemployed "Your Stupid!"

I hope that everyone watching last night's debate heard I heard. Our "educated" president blamed our current economic troubles on the uneducated in America. Although I do agree with Bush that education is very important in alleviating the problems we face today.
I would even go further and say to him," You know George if we had fixed the education system I bet you wouldn't be president today!"
Unfortunately, our education system is in shambles, mainly in the poverty stricken areas. However, I don't think it is going to help any to tell someone who just lost their job that we are going to put more money in education. Or here have a Pell grant and go back to school, while your family is barely scraping by.
Ultimately, our president has no real idea of how to fix our economy and I'm not sure John Kerry does either. But, Kerry does have the right first step which would be taking back the 89 billion in tax money, that was given as a tax cut to those people that supposedly stimulate the economy.
They will stimulate the economy with or without tax cut, just like Bill O'reilly will stimulate a producer with or without a falafel. I couldn't resist.

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