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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bill O'reilly: The Godfather of our Children

If anyone should be giving advice to the children of America it's Bill O'reilly. I would most definitely recommend this book to all American children... who have parents that are addicted to crack. Even then, I might have to reconsider my recommendation, because I think a crackhead probably has equal the amount of common sense that is present in this book.

I am sorry if I offended the crackheads out there by comparing you with Bill O'reilly, but it was the closest analogy I could find.

I have to admit I only read an excerpt of the book on the Today show website. Actually I couldn't even stomach the whole excerpt.
Here's Bill O'reilly on friendship:
"You deserve friendship with people who can be trusted. You don't need to accept a so-called friendship with someone because he or she is "popular" or good-looking. None of that matters. I am surrounded in television by people who choose "friends" because they're rich or famous or sexy. That kind of friendship is called "groveling." And it lasts, such as it is, only as long as the other person has money, gets recognized on the street, or looks good in lowriders."

If you want to read more go, it is pretty comical. It makes me wonder whether I need to raise my kids (when I have them) at all or just let his book do it. I hope you all let Bill O'reilly know how you feel about his wonderful contribution to society. E-mail him at, and do what I did and tell Bill to SHUT UP!

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