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Friday, October 29, 2004

A Question for Sean Hannity

This past week one of my favorite people in the world has been going on and on about the validity of the missing explosives claim. Sean Hannity continues to assert that there is no credible evidence after report and report come out supporting the fact that these explosives would have been under control had it not been for our irresponsible action in Iraq.

Today on the Today show, they showed a video taken on April 18th with one of the embedded reporters from a Minnesota NBC affiliate. The video showed soldiers sifting through boxes containing explosives at the Al Qaqaa site. I will repeat this again for SEAN, The video showed soldiers sifting through boxes containing explosives at the Al Qaqaa site!

My question for Sean is what now? Is this a phony tape? Remember these are the embedded reporters that had to have their footage edited by the military before broadcast.

Unfortunately Sean and the rest of the Bush administration exist in an alternate universe where the words the speak are the only truth. Not the sights we see. This was displayed by Paul Bremer later on the Today show, when he did not question the credibility of the tapes, but stuck to the Republican talking points that there is still no credible proof that these weapons were there when our soldiers arrived in Iraq.

All I have to say is look at the fricking video Paul, I think there are explosives there.

The positive thing about this is that these guys lose credibility by the day when they speak and ignore the facts. Thank god for video.

Go to to see the transcript of the interview or the tape of the explosives.

Watch Hannity & Colmes any night this week to see the bullshit that Sean is spewing.

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