Currently generating a new wish list, since all my wishes were granted over the Holidays.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

New Location...New Computer...Same Obscurity

I'm in Chicago, J and I are officially moved in. Picked up a new tool for law school...A Macbook. With the new machiine, I figure it's time to keep all you updated on the goings on in my mind and elsewhere.

Here's something to get you all started....

Monday, July 10, 2006

Chicago, Unpacking, Birthday, and Global Warming Deniers

To all my Philly liberals and friends, if anyone is checking this or still reads this, I wanted to let everyone know that Jen, Bella and I made it to Chicago alright and are in the process of unpacking. I would say we are about 95% done.

Taking a break today since it's my 25th birthday. Got some cool gifts this morning, Jen got me some nice books: Cooking with Beer, Beers of the World Book, and two books from The Art of Being a Man Series: How to Mow the Lawn and How to Keep House.

My parents got me a Sony CyberShot DSC H2 Digital Camera. I know it's not as nice as Albert's or Matt's, but it should do. It will definitely be more than suitable for posting some pictures of Bella, Chicago, and whatever else I encounter.

Tonight we get to go out to David Burke's Prime House.

For my one political note, it seems some people who are visiting my site because a post I made related to a South Park Episode called ManBearPig. The episode fun of Al Gore and his global warming exploits. It seems some people keep on citing entirely false articles such as this and this. The second article almost made me throw up, the author seems to think because of the way certain people such as ABC news, celebrites, or other people argue about global warming that man-made emissions must not have anything to do with the problem. He fails to acknowledge that not one credible scientist in the World has disputed the research used by Al Gore. Not one credible scientist in the World has suggested that we do not have an impact on the warming of the earth. Yet because he has a feeling that because of the way certain people their case somewhat innaccurately that all scientific research must be thrown out. I only wish I could argue that illogically and almost feel as if I am since none of what I just wrote really makes sense to me. Although I do feel that I have proved my point that the guy wrote the is a total and utter idiot. Since I feel that way it most be true.

Editor's note: That was a wonderful tangent, anyway since not too many people check this site as of this day, I will probably send out an email updating all you philly people. Hope all is well.