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Friday, June 10, 2005

Lock them all up

In Ann Coulter's column of June 1, 2005, she makes the case against the 7 "mavericks" in the U.S. Senate who brokered the compromise with the Democratic minority. You can read it here.
Although it was a good article, I don't think Ann goes far enough.

Here is a passage from the latter part of the article:

The only way for Americans to get some vague semblance of what they voted
for is to elect mammoth Republican majorities — and no "mavericks."
(Fortunately, for the sake of civilization and the republic, that process seems
to be well under way.) Chuck Schumer could be the last Democrat in the Senate
and the new rule would be: Unanimous votes required for all Senate business. But
at least we could count on Senators Lindsey Graham, Mike DeWine, John McCain,
John Warner, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Lincoln Chafee to strike a deal
forcing Schumer to agree not to block the 99 other senators except in
"extraordinary circumstances."

I disagree with Ann here. I don't think we should wait for the voters to install a one-party system, I think we should create it now. Seriously, who do those "maverick" senators think they are, do they think that country was divided in the last election, by what a 51%-48% margin or something like that.

We won now we should get what we want, I would like a law allowing us to lock those damn "maverick" senators up. And for that matter we should lock up anyone who represents any liberal idea that is not supported by conservative ideals. Seriously, this democracy thing, especially the minority rights part needs to be re-evaluated. My vote is for a one-party system representative of the people who delivered this election for Mr. Bush, we are the Conservative Christian Party and our will should enforced, GOD DAMMIT!

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