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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I bet Pat Roberston wasn't praying for this!

As some of you may know Pat Roberston has been praying for a supreme court vacancy, he has even started a campaign where you too can pray for another court vacancy!

I wonder if he actually knew who the real William Rehnquist was, would he still have prayed for his death?

An article posted on the Huffington Post, written by Alan Dershowitz really shed some light on who the real William Rehnquist was, to tell you the truth I never really liked the man much and this article didn't help much. The usual stories of Republican thuggery were performed by Rehnquist, blocking the minority vote. He also was a Nazi sympathizer although this is the only documentation of his anti-semitism:

Rehnquist later bought a home in Vermont with a restrictive covenant that barred sale of the property to ''any member of the Hebrew race.”
There is also an interesting tidbit in there about the threats Dershowitz received after going on Hannity and Colmes and telling his side of the story. He received the usual Hannity treatment, a verbal lashing when he was unable to respond. Way to be a big man Sean.

On a side note I would encourage everyone to recite this prayer in hopes of creating a vacancy in the Host position on the 700 Club.

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