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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What's the deal with Oil?

This is ridiculous!

Where is the outrage at these gas companies reporting record profits? Where is the outrage at our public servants for continuing to subsidize oil companies?

The average gasoline price is about $0.80 greater per gallon than it was last year. Is it any wonder that these Oil Companies are posting record profits? Does anyone else find it ridiculous that we are paying multiple times to fatten the pockets of these Oil Companies? We pay once at the pump and then again in our tax dollars that go to subsidize the Oil Companies.

With the impending shortage of oil, this problem will no doubt worsen. As Oil Companies raise prices to maintain profit margins while also demanding more subsidies to increase their net income, have to worry about those shareholders.
They will milk our oil dependency to the last drop, wasting precious time and government money, that could be spent on reducing our oil dependency.

What is the solution to alleviate our dependency on oil?

First, the oil companies should become government property or prices should be regualated and established by the government. This will prevent Oil Companies from recording record profits at the expense of American Taxpayers. This would enable the government to maintain affordable gas prices for the average american, especially the poverty stricken who are affected more severely by high gas prices.

If gas becomes a government run business, it will create more of an incentive for private companies to invest in alternative sources of energy that are not derived from oil. It will also give the big oil companies more of an incentive to spend money from their deep pockets on researching renewable energy sources. By taking away a huge chunk of their profit, Oil Companies will invest more resources in new enery sources which are bound to be more profitable than gas if prices are regulated by the government.

It is imperative to give Oil Companies an incentive to accelerate their research on new non-oil derived energy sources. Currently they have no incentive to do so, since their profits are guaranteed to be maintained because of our dependence on oil and the govenrment subsidies they continue to receive. The only solution is to take away the record profits of Oil Companies, by enacting new regulations on gasoline prices and ending subsidies. This will force Oil Companies to use their deep pockets to fund other sources of energy and ease our dependence on Oil.

This is an issue all Americans will unite behind. Whether you are Democrat, Republican, or Other, the cost of Oil and our dependence on Oil affects us all. Even if you don't drive a car you are dependent upon oil, most of our technology, such as this computer I am typing on takes barrels of oil to produce. To improve the quality of life for all Americans it is necessary to take this first step, in order to accelerate the development of non-oil derived sources of energy.

Comments on "What's the deal with Oil?"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:22 AM) : 

Doesnt make sense. In one paragraph you say, in essence, "let's make gas cheaper for the average american" and then further below talk about how that will somehow lead to "cleaner" energy.

I would argue that "cheaper oil for the average american" is going to have the opposite effect of what you hope for... it will cause MORE fuel consumption by the average american.

In fact, high fuel prices at the pump is probably the most effective tool to reduce oil consumption!


Blogger iwuwill said ... (3:57 PM) : 

I'm talking more about lowering the price for consumers. Which will take away the profit incentive from the Big Energy companies and then the government can encourage them through special treatment to invest in clean renewable sources of energy.


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