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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

When Big Corporations Do Good Deeds

I have a tendency to only point out the bad deeds done by big corporations. There are a lot of them and they usually get more news coverage than the good deeds.

I think it is time to report the good deeds done by the big corps. just to show both sides of the story and that corporations can do good if they try.

Radio One Inc. gets the award for today. Radio One had bought the rights to FM 107.9 in Philadelphia that had belonged to Haverford High School since 1949, it was the oldest High School radio station in the country. Read the article for the entire story, but it seems that Radio One Inc. helped the high school pressure the FCC to grant them a special license to get a new station on FM 99.9. After the year long process finally was complete and the Haverford High station was set to get back on the air, Radio One Inc. also donate newer radio equipment to help the High School out in their endeavor.

I would like to pat Radio One Inc. on the back for doing something they didn't need to do and something that probably won't improve their bottom line, but I'm sure it will make some high school students and alumni very happy.

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