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Friday, March 11, 2005

This such a waste of time

Why are they even bothering with this.

Seriously, why are they wasting our money and their time on steroid use in baseball. When did Congress become the commissioner of Major League Baseball? I guess they just don't have enough work to do. They have already accomplished so much:

  1. Record deficits
  2. Alienation of the United States from the International community
  3. Decreased funding for educational and social programs for the poor
  4. Pro-credit card bankruptcy bill about to pass

The list could go on forever.

I could almost see a reason for Congressional intervention, if there was some sort of evidence that owners pressured players into using steroids or providing them with steroids. There is no such evidence, even if there was such evidence I would still think a lot of issues should be higher up on the priority list.

Maybe there is some White House pressure, George W. would like something to put on his resume so he can finally apply for the job he most desires, MLB commissioner. There really is no rational explanation.

For a sports perspective, go here.

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