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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Can we get back to being tree-huggers?

One thing that needs to be done in the 2006 campaign as well as 2008 campaign is to get back to being known as the party of the environment. If we want to steal those NRA votes we need to link the quality of hunting to the quality of the environment. It's not like we don't have enough ammunition to use against the "corporate republicans" as long as we don't go along with them.

The first bit of ammo may have come today, a senate committee voted to prevent filibusters when the Artic drilling legislation comes up later this year. We need to list all republicans, mainly in the southwestern states and western states, who vote for this bill that would be horrible for the environment.

The environment is one of those issues that people can see around them, as long as we link it to something, i.e. hunting, that will affect their lives in the short term, it can be an issue that will swing these voters from republican to democrat.

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