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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

So far so good

I wouldn't say Harry Reid has done a perfect job, but he has been pretty good at being what the Democrats need, a tough guy who won't take crap from anyone. Not only is he not taking crap he is dishing it out and being more pre-emptive in his actions. An example, on today's WSJ pg A5 column 1, the article spoke of Harry Reid's declaration that he will basically bring all legislation to a halt if the Republicans decide to change the voting rules to get their judicial nominees passed.

His only fault thus far is in his dealings with the bankruptcy bill, and I'm not so sure it was a fight he could have won within his own party, unfortunately that doesn't say much for the democratic party being a people's party.

Anyways, the judicial nominees are the most important issue in front of this Congress, simply because once passed they are permanent til death. A law can be changed if the public outcry gets real loud, a judge cannot be changed until he/she retires or dies.

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