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Friday, March 03, 2006

First rant of the day

This type of garbage, just pisses me off. “Conservatives” , “Evangelical Christians”. and “Republicans” have frickin control problem. I put the three groups in quotes because the ones who make the loudest noises are not necessarily representative of the majority of people in those groups.

This rant arose from reading this story on, about the High School teacher in Colorado who was,” put on leave for anti-bush remarks.” I guess one of the students taped class, which I thought was illegal to do without the permission of the teacher, and then played the tape to his father.

“WAWAWAWAWA, Daddy teacher said bad things about the president. “

Supposedly the reason the teacher is being put on leave is because he did not allow for balancing perspectives. Maybe there would have been balancing points if this kid had spoken up instead of secretly taping class. Fricking little baby “conservatives” or “republicans”, think they can tape conversations illegally now because the president does it.

I’m sure these “conservative” students are also taping conservative teachers praising Bush without balancing perspectives and complaining to their parents.

This just gives me confidence that the next generation of “conservatives” will not differ from their parents in their unabashed whining and crying when someone doesn’t say something they like.

Next up on Out of Context, we discuss the new “Dominos Holy Land” in Florida, and why we believe it is a good idea, now if only the rest of the crazies would move there and we wouldn’t have to listen to their complaints anymore....

Update: Finally got around to adding “She Flies with her own Wings” to the read list, I read it all the time, just never remember to add it, shout out to Sir Oolius.

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