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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Irrelevant Conservative Blogger of the Day

We at Out of Context, meaning me, today begin a new feature where we highlight, actually poke fun at, an irrelevant conservative blogger.

Today's irrelevant conservative blog, Tim Tim Saler bills himself as,
" a nationally-recognized emerging political activist, analyst, and writer. He resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."

After reading through his site I find his analysis to be somewhat longwinded, biased to the right, and the prediction maps to be somewhat juvenile as if they were pulled from a coloring book.

Since I am an irrelevant blog, I know how Tim must feel, especially since it looks as if he has put a lot of work into the design of his blog. He has even made up some credentials such as,
"Tim’s work has been highlighted on CNN’s Inside Politics, and his popular election projections have been featured on numerous websites as well as in newspapers such as the Times Record of Fort Smith, Arkansas, the Herald Leader of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, and the Star of Pipestone County, Minnesota."

If I were you Tim, I wouldn't mention the name CNN in those conservative circles, that is the kiss of death. As for Fort Smith, Arkansas and Siloam Springs, Arkansas, making up cities in America is just not a cool way to self-promote. As for the Star of Pipestone County, Minnesota, I read that paper every day and have yet to see any of your colorings featured.

In closing, I would like to thank Tim Saler for being the inaugural Irrelevant Conservative Blogger of the Day, if I may be so inclined again I may take aim at another Irrelevant Conservative Blogger, I know the suspense will kill you.

Eritor's note: The proprietor of Out of Context would like to acknowledge his own irrelevancy as well, but he feels his irrelevancy is less relevant seeing as his blog is merely a cure for his boredom and not a self promotional vehicle like Tim Saler's site

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