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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

In Re Alito

Haven't posted in awhile, work has been getting in the way, but figured this morning was as good as any.

With the impending "upperdown" vote on Alito this morning, I feel that I have to express my displeasure at the democrat senators, especially those on the judiciary committee. I also have to express my displeasure with Senator Kerry who is acting on impulse every chance he gets to try and get the grassroots to embrace him.

First the democrats on the judiciary committee, except for Russ Feingold at times, obviously put very little effort into researching Alito's case record. They were too focused on a job application from 1985 that stated his views on abortion and that he was a member of a racist organization. I mean it was 19 frickin 85, it just does not resonate with people today.

Why not hammer him repeatedly on a few recent decisions he made, especially this one.
If there was any coordination, this question should have been hammered over and over again, Mr. Alito do you believe it was reasonable of police to strip search a 10 year old and her mother when they did not have the authority to do so? After he gives a long bloviating answer, a senator replies, so you believe its ok to just strip search 10 year old girls, at least that's what your decision said Mr. Alito.

This would have been playing dirty, but if they really wanted to stop Mr. Alito that was one of the cases that should have been repeatedly brought up. The headlines may have read, is Mr. Alito a card-carrying member of NAMBLA.(hopefully I don't get in trouble for googling NAMBLA)

Unfortunately our senators were too busy being their bloviating selves, including you Mr. Kerry, why not use some of your warchest to mount an ad campaign, you could even have a 10 year old girl in the commercial asking the question. But you didn't, because you don't care if ALito is on the bench, you just want to become president and you need our support. You must be really out of touch, oh yeah you are, Windsurfing, end of story. Seriously, you failed miserably in organizing and attempting to block this nomination, how does that help your presidential campaign. Mr. Kerry you have become Mr. Irrelevant.

I guess that's what happens when I don't post for awhile, it all sort of comes out, hopefully I will be able to post a bit more, it is definitely therapeutic.

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