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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Just went down to Walgreens to buy a bag of baked doritos and the best drink ever Lemonade Vitamin Water, and while waiting in line I decided to read the ingredients label on the Doritos.

As a little kid I used to be terribly allergic to MSG, pretty much throwing up whenever it came into my system. We used to go out to restaurants and even when they said that there was no MSG in the product, if I threw up we figured either they were lying or just didn't know.

I'm assuming I am not that allergic to MSG anymore, since I am currently eating the Baked Doritos right now, and they haven't ended up on my computer screen. But I decided to google Doritos and MSG, and I found this website, and found out that some of the worst culprits are American Food Companies, BIG SHOCK THERE!!!!!

I'm glad I haven't eaten at KFC since I was about 7, because it seems they are one of the worst offenders:
FRIED CHICKEN - What could be more American than Fried Chicken? KFC chicken actually contains so much MSG that in one country at least, KFC exceeded the legal limit for adding MSG to their chicken.

Next up, Partially Hydrogenated Oils.

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