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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Don't drink the water....

at least I wouldn't if you live in Los Angeles.

Before I comment on this article I have to admit that I prefer to drink bottled water as well, mainly as a result of reading a Civil Action and with the lack of confidence I have in the environmental protections enforced by the Bush Administration. My girlfriend and I currently have a Brita filter attached to our tap, but if I ever found out that Philadelphia's Water Purification team was doing this, let me just say the Brita Filter would not be enough.

What is the LA water purification team doing?

Now it turns out that the Department of Water and Power has so much faith in the city�s drinking water that the agency spent $31,160 over the last two years on Sparkletts. That would probably be a wise move for many of us, but it seems strange for the DWP, which also spent $1 million in tax dollars to convince citizens of the quality of our delicious tap water.

Amazing just Amazing.

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