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Thursday, December 15, 2005

First Business Idea Post

I had a dream last night. With the recent slump in Theater Attendance these days, I figure the market is ripe for a new style of theater.

This article highlights why I think there is a need for new type of theater. Mainly the last paragraph which reads as follows:

Speaking of the box office condition, we're coming up on the end of the year and things don't look good. The box office is lower for the year than it was this time three years ago. Some are blaming the drop on the fact that this year has seen very poor quality films. I personally don't buy that, and here's why: for the first time in nearly fifteen years the movie industry is facing a drop in overall receipts. Movies are getting too darned expensive. With average ticket prices hovering around $8.50 ($6.00 for matinees) and concession stands charging outrageous fees for popcorn and soda, it can cost a family of four around $30-$50 to go to the movies and that's without any munchies to accentuate the experience. Tack onto that the increase in cost of living due to fuel prices and the short amount of time between theatrical release and more budget-friendly DVD releases and you've got the makings of a movie industry in overall financial decline. How will the studios respond? Again, insert your wild speculation. You never know quite what Hollywood is going to do. I can only hope it involves fewer comic book character revivals and an end to Wayans brother films altogether.

My Idea is basic:

Improve the interior of theaters to give it that at home feel: Comfier Chairs and Cleaner Atmosphere.

Concession Prices need to come down or the food offered needs to be worth the price. 6-8 dollars for popcorn and a coke is not going to cut it.

Personally I would not mind paying 10-12 dollars for a movie, if I knew that I could pay a reasonable rate for concessions once I was inside.

This is just the basis of my idea, but I think a movie theater that promotes affordable food and a comfortable quality movie experience would do well against today's unfriendly Cinema Chains.

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