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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Maybe Alito is no "Scalito"

Checking out the diaries over at and found this gem, the diarist references a christian science monitor article on Judge Alito's abortion rulings,

The interesting part:

# A 1991 challenge to a Pennsylvania law requiring married women to notify their husbands before seeking an abortion. The court struck down the restriction. Alito dissented.

# A 1995 challenge to a Pennsylvania law that required women seeking to use Medicaid funds to abort a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest to report the incident to law enforcement officials and identify the offender. Alito provided the decisive vote striking down the abortion restriction.

# A 1997 challenge to a New Jersey law that prevents parents from suing for damages on behalf of the wrongful death of a fetus. Alito ruled that the Constitution does not afford protection to the unborn.

# A 2000 challenge to New Jersey's ban on so-called partial-birth abortions. Alito struck down the law based on a recent Supreme Court decision.

Maybe Justice Alito is an actual judge and just rules on the law, if so I don't mind him even he is a conservative. The Republicans did earn the conservative nominee, and as long as he is not an idealist, I am fine with him.

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