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Friday, October 21, 2005

South Park Republicans?

Well actually No! Although Matt Stone and Trey Parker are not liberals either, they are like most Americans, while more outrageous than most, they have positions on both sides of the aisle and some are far right and some are far left ideals.

To claim that they are Republicans is a bald-faced lie, although that should be expected of republicans, a recent interview with Charlie Rose debunks the myth that they are Republicans:

Charlie: Ahhm. Politics. [to Trey] You. Are you a libertarian?
Trey: [laughs] That's a great question.
Matt: What does that mean?
Trey: Yeah, I I think there's a um,
Matt: He believes in liberty.
Trey: Yeah, I believe in liberty.
Charlie: Hehehe, what if... Are you?
Trey: [long beat] It's po-, it's possible. [Matt doubles over in laughter]
Charlie: You've never taken ??? for this?
Trey: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. It's possible. Maybe. Yeah, no, there, we did a South Park episode in which
Charlie: [to Matt] Why is he embarrassed by this?
Trey: I'm not, I'm not embarrassed at all, it's just, actually, it's a very-, it's a difficult question, because I-
Charlie: Why is it so difficult?
Trey: Because it's, it's um,
Charlie: It's like saying, are you..?
Trey: ...It's like, are you gay? It's like, a little. [everybody laughs] On a Friday night-
Charlie: There's nobody-
Trey: -there are no chicks around, sure!
Charlie: Can you imagine? It's on Friday...
Matt: You go, you go, Charlie.
Trey: You go, Charlie. You know how it is.
Matt: It's Friday night, you're a little drunk,
Charlie: Yeah, what the hell!
Matt: There's nothing good on TV, mhm mhm, I don't know.
Trey: It's so really fascinating, we always, we would always talk about how we, we grow up, sort of, I think we met, we were both Python fans and we were both sort of punk rockers. We wanted to do a punk rock TV show. And you know, and when we were growing up the way to be punk rock was to be really liberal, you know, because we grew up with Reagan in high school and all of that, you know, and then. But then we moved to, the problem is we moved to L.A. when we did the, you know, and then... The only way to be punk rock in L.A. is to be a Republican. Because it's the only way, you know, you're in a party, the only way to be is "Uh I think George Bush is awesome!" and everyone's like "WHAT??" It's just like, you know, and that, REALLY, I mean, it's just amazing! And when we did Team A-, Team America
Matt: I thnk I've even seen him do that before, too.
Trey: Yeah yeah.
Charlie: Go into a party and say-
Trey: "I think he's great."
Matt: The thethe there was this lady in Mali-, it was in Malibu, he just said, "I love George Bush and I love my gun." and this lady just face just ...melted, her skin melted-
Trey: Her face melted off. [they laugh]
Matt: It is like, you know we've got this, you know we got this reputation, there was this book that came out called South Park Conservatives where ah, you know, and it was a label I think originally given by Andrew Sullivan, uh, to the show, and I think there's a little bit of like libertarianism
Charlie: Is he your number one fan. There's some great quote about him.
Matt: Yeah, he's he's our biggest fan, and, and like he's written some really cool stuff about... the show and Team America the movie, but... I think that some of, uh, you know, we did grow up in Colorado, which is kind of a Republican state, but it's more of a libertarian kind of, live and let live kind of attitude. And, I'm sure some of that seeps though in, in, in the work, but. I mean, we've done, we've taken so many different conservative ideals to task, too. But we have just ripped on a couple of liberal ones, like, uhhh, Barbar Streisand and Rob Reiner, and all of a sudden like, we're conservatives, and it's like, to live in L.A., to live in California, those are the sacred cows. I mean literally and figuratively. Rob Rob Reiner.... oh, that was a joke, that was a bad joke.
Charlie: [laughing] Oh, it was a terrible joke.
Matt: Well, you know, I mean it IS true, I mean, it's like Trey said, it's like, you know, if you go, if we sit around in our writers' room, and we all sit around and go, and, and what I, and I think that our best stuff comes out is we try to personify this side of the argument and this side, and then we take a little, funny way out, and... uh, I'm just not interested in in, and Trey can, well just vouch for this, I'm not interested in sitting around and agreeing with other people. And where we live, it is like, the liberalist liberal part of the world, and, not because I don't-
Charlie: You mean ther's a, there's a groupthink.
Matt: There's a groupthink, and you only get to some new truth by argument and by dissent, and it's like, some of it is just. We just play Devil's Advocate all the time, you know.

Charlie: Here's what else you've said: "I am just sick of actors on CNN parroting what they read in the paper." I keep expecting Larry King to say "And now, for a work on Iraq, the Cookie Monster"
Trey: [laughs] Yes, it really was, and I mean, and that's, when we were writing Team America, I didn't know, I was-
Charlie: What is Team America
Trey: Team America is the, a movie we made, um, last year, that was all done with marionettes, and it was basically about a world police for-, international world police force that obviously parodied every, everything that's been going on, and it was so fascinating because we, you know, the whole movie starts where the international police force shows up in Paris and just blows away all of Paris in order to get one terrorist, you know, and I mean, and it's basically like, and and and it was a condemnation of that but, on the other hand, it, at it, in the middle, it sorta took a turn and started ripping on the liberal, you know, on the, on the actors that, for us, we live in L.A., we know a lot of actors, they're not smart people. Right, I mean, and, and, just like we shouldn't be on any TV show discussing what, what should, what world policy should be, you know, uh-
Charlie: I was gonna ask you to take us to the next segment, we're gonna talk about it.
Trey: Right, right. Say, rock and roll...
Charlie: Right.
Trey: You know, ah, believe me, you don't wanna hear our opinion.

So basically they just like to rub people the wrong way and see their reaction, big surprise there.
Glad I was able to put that one to rest and by the way Michele Malkin is not a South Park Conservative I guess the show is a bit too racy for her, but as we know she has a problem with teaching children to respect each other instead of fight, I guess Michelle is a bit confused. We already knew this though.

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