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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What am I looking at today?

I recently began taking cooking classes to enhance my repertoire. I had always kind of cooked based on feel without really knowing what I was doing, now I am beginning to not only understand the basics but also improvise a lot in whatever recipe I am doing.

Today I have been looking at a bunch of cooking related websites:

First is Jamie Oliver's website, he is a British Chef, who I saw on the today show, and his recipes seem to be very basic and easy to build on to make them your own. The one I am keeping my eye on is this Basic Risotto Recipe.

The Second is none other than, Iron Chef America, if you are into cooking, this show is awesome because it is amazing to watch these guys do what they do in 1 Hour, and you can even pick up a couple ideas as you go, although I recommend TIVOing it so you can go back since they do move quite quickly.

Finally here is a blog that should hold its head down in shame. I never thought I would dislike a Food Blog, but there is one, The Pizza Blog. They call themselves America's Favorite Pizza Blog, yet they don't even like the best Pizza in the Country which either resides at Lou Malnati's or Due's which is my personal favorite.

So the idiots at Slice Ny can keep their generic thin crust that can be replicated all over the U.S.A. and I'll take my Chicago Style Pizza, where the only good stuff is found in Chicago.

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