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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The George and Dick Show, Behind the Leak

The Ascendancy to the Crown (a condensed version of events)

It was March of 1999, when a man named George started his fateful journey to the throne of this great country. It wouldn't be until July of the following year that he would ask Dick to be his companion for the foreseeable future. Dick had been tapped by George in the spring with finding the right companion for George. But George was a fickle man, he couldn't take criticism from anyone otherwise he would get really really angry.

This is how George and Dick were united, and if you are reading this blog you know the rest of the story, and with the recent rising unpopularity of these two figures, we here at Out of Context, have decided to take you on a journey,"Behind the Leak".

A Long Way Down

Currently, only about 1/3 of the country approves of George. This makes George angry.

It's not much better for Dick, only 30% of Americans approve of him. As you can guess this makes Dick angry.

Taking a Leak
Where did it all go wrong? It was rumored that George was drinking again, and cavorting with the Prince of Oil. This infuriated Dick so much, that he decided to pursue Jenna or was it Barbara, or both.

Either way that made George angry again, see image above, so George decided to lay Dick out to rot by having Patrick investigate him for public urination or "leaking". As most of us were taught when we were younger, you should always keep your leaks private. Anyways Patrick couldn't get to Dick because Dick's good friend Scooter took one for the team and stepped right into the line of fire.

This made Dick angry, see image above, so he decided to try to throw Karl to Patrick, but this has yet to yield any results as Karl doesn't seem to ever take a leak.

The most recent development concerns Bob who is writing a book about all this and he just told Patrick that it was Stephen not Scooter who let the cat out of the bag first. Are you following me. So if Stephen is in trouble, then Condi might be in trouble, and maybe Karl is in trouble so does that mean that George is in trouble. All we know right now is that Scooter is definitely in trouble, but who else will be touched by the leak, all I know is it all smells really bad, I say look for the person who ate the asparagus!

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