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Monday, November 14, 2005

Will anyone please ask the question?

I watched Ken Mehlman on the Meet the Press this past weekend. Without restraint he spewed out countless misstatements, to my surprise some of them were even challenged by Russert.

The one glaring statement that I wish Russert would follow up on is the Administration talking point that Bush acted on:
"was roughly the same intelligence that the Clinton administration saw."

I was waiting for Russert to ask the question,"Based on this intelligence, why did the Clinton administration decide not to invade?"

Mehlman's response would probably be to the effect that,"9/11 changed the way we viewed the world," or something to that effect.

But Russert, if he was a good journalist, would follow up on the fact that Sadaam had no part in 9/11.

I was staring at my TV waiting for the question to be asked, it wasn't of course, and pretty soon I think people will begin to believe that the Clinton Administration decided to invade Iraq. Talk about rewriting history, but I wouldn't put this past the Bush administration to think of some way to place more of the blame on the Clintons.

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