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Friday, December 16, 2005

Have a little faith in Kyle

I found this article to be very encouraging. Especially the part about quarterback guru, Jeff Trickey, where he stated:
"When Kyle threw one ball 72 yards on a dead line, I knew this kid had some special skills," said Trickey, 56, a quarterback guru who runs schools nationwide, including the Chicago area. "You knew he had an NFL arm."

Trickey still sees glimpses of Orton's arm strength when he watches Bears games on TV at home in Pewaukee, Wis. He agrees Orton's accuracy, as reflected by a completion percentage of 52.9, needs improvement, but blames inexperience that contributes to inconsistent mechanics.

Orton's predecessor at Purdue, Drew Brees, who has recently come into his own in the NFL has faith in Orton as well.

San Diego Chargers quarterback Drew Brees, Orton's predecessor at Purdue, cautioned it may take time at the pro level, but he also said he believes Orton will develop into a worthy NFL starter once he overcomes those early growing pains. Just as Brees did.

"It's tough because mistakes are going to be made … you just have to weather the storm at times," Brees said. "Your No. 1 job as a quarterback in this league is to win ballgames, and his record shows he has done that. Not many quarterbacks can start this many games their rookie year and be 9-4. That's pretty impressive."

I have believed and still believe that Kyle Orton will be a successful quarterback in the NFL. Commentators around the league do not seem to realize that he is a rookie. Most are probably basing their beliefs that Orton should be better, based on Big Ben's success in Pittsburgh. Big Ben runs a different system, has better receivers, and doesn't throw that many passess. A majority of his passes are short screens anyways.

Here are stats you should look at when rating Orton's performance.
Passing Rushing
G | Comp Att PCT YD Y/A TD INT | Att Yards TD
(A) 12 | 111 178 62.4 1204 6.8 5 9 | 45 276 3

(B) 13 | 182 344 52.9 1798 5.2 9 13 | 23 42 0

(C) 13 | 176 321 54.8 2023 6.3 7 8 | 40 141 0

(D) 11 | 123 259 47.5 1663 6.4 7 14 | 28 146 1

I'll give you a hint, (B) is Kyle Orton. (A) is a former Bear who went on to success elsewhere. (C) is a product of the Jeff Trickey school of quarterbacking and one of the better current quarterbacks in the league. And (D) is a future hall of famer and those are his rookie year stats.

Answers will be forthcoming.

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