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Friday, February 03, 2006

What's next, turning the Governor's Mansion into a hotel?

Just as I was thinking that there was nothing to blog about today, something comes along and hits right at home.

A foreign controlled private company that bought the rights to operate the Chicago Skyway Toll Road that connects Indiana and Illinois, appears to have locked up a deal to buy the 157 mile stretch of the Indiana Toll Road.

Having grown up in Chicago, I have driven across both the Skyway and the Indiana Toll Road many a time. I can attest to the fact that private ownership may do the skyway some good, since it is been constantly under construction and in disrepair my entire life. The Indiana Toll Road is not in as bad of shape, but I do understand that due to lack of federal funds as a result of poorly timed tax cuts during a time of war, Indiana and other states may need this funding.

I know privately owned toll roads have been successful in Europe among other places, but I can just foresee the contracts being abused, either through exorbitant toll amounts or insufficient maintenance. But then there is the other side of my thoughts that thinks, higher tolls may force people to travel by car less, carpool more, or demand that the government provide more public transportation. This type of trend could lead to more responsible driving.

This is what happens to me, I go into an article with the premonition that I will not like the privatization of the toll roads, due to my lack of trust in certain corporations, but after I think it through a bit more I realize, "Hey maybe it's a good thing!"

Your thoughts are welcome on this most recent stream of consciousness, if anyone's out there.

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