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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Some more bright ideas....

I want to get this out before I go into more details in the post, I am not opposed to handing control over our ports to the United Arab Emirates because they are Arabs, I am opposed because they have strong ties to Al Qaeda, The Taliban, and assisting rogue nations in their pursuit of Nuclear Weapons, something even Iraq did not do.

The Bush administration has once again proved that it is incapable of making decisions that make any fricking sense. From appointing a former lawyer from the Arabian Horse Association to this latest debacle involving a terrorist supporting nation being put in charge of one of our weakest security points, it seems to me that a four year old is simply rolling the dice and making these important decisions.

We at Out of Context, meaning me at Out of Context, have decided to look into our crystal ball and predict the next blunders of the Bush Administration:

1. James Dobson will be appointend the new Head of the Department of Education and Evolution will only be taught in the back alleys on university campuses.

2. In a surprise move, Manuel Noriega is pardoned and immediately appointed the new Drug Czar in our "War on Drugs". In a complete coincidence, deliveries of "sugar" to the White House quadruple and in public appearances Bush is viewed as a little paranoid and shaky.

3. After much thought about the global warming crisis, Bush decides to appoint fellow global warming denier Michael Crichton to lead the Department of Energy. As a rationale for this appointment, Bush states,"No one has done such thorough research in this field as has Mr. Crichton, it is my belief that America must be vigilant in preventing Dinosaurs from escaping from Jurassic Park and Mr. Crichton is the man to do it."

These are just some of the bright ideas, we at Out of Context, I mean me at Out of Context have, we hope you enjoy and welcome future suggestions.

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Blogger Alexis said ... (11:58 AM) : 

Could Saddam Hussein as the next appointee to the Supreme Court be another future Bush Administration blunder? I guess they'll have to see how the trial goes.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:06 AM) : 

you must be retarded. why do you link to an article written by an obviously biased writer? not only that, but where is the proff in that? why the hell should it matter if a foreign company owns a company here in the US? they still have to comply with rules here in the US. do you even know where the UAE is and what it actually is? have you heard of Dubai? seen pictures? been there? it is like a beacon of commerece in the middle of the desert. the sheiks who run it are the only ones who have realized that oil is not going to carry them on forever, so they have created the city of Dubai, which is already the financial capital and hub of the middle east.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:09 AM) : 

I love the funny way you phrased number three!


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