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Monday, February 27, 2006

Not too much on the mind...

Nothing noteworthy to blog about today other than the fact that it's almost my favorite time of year again, baseball season. The Cubs first spring trainging game is only 3 days away and Opening day is a little over a month away. To celebrate almost spring training I will be going to my favorite street sausage griller out in Philly for a hot dog and hot sausage for lunch.

On another note...

I am really sick and tired of this whole port deal thing, the part that makes me the most upset is that the only reason there is such a massive uproar from both sides is that this is an arab country, I think the politicians are turning a blind eye to the bigotry behind the uproar and using it to make it a black and white issue, Are you for the terrorists or are you against them? I really hope we can get out of this Rovian method of painting things in black and white, it really makes us look like idiots, and in regards to the port deal this bigotry in no way whatsoever helps our image with the majority of Arabs who are not terrorists, I know this may surprise the majority Americans as well as our wonderful press corps who love the idea of the evil arab bad guy.

By the way...

Somewhat related to the port deal, but has anyone thought that Michael Jackson is behind all this?

I know this is in really poor taste, but maybe he bankrolled the port deal as a means for smuggling that which he holds most dear.

His Neverland amusement rides and animals...Sheesh you all have sick minds.

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