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Friday, January 28, 2005

What about Michelle Malkin?

With the current controversy over the White House paying "journalists" and "pundits" to publicize and market various parts of their agenda, it got me thinking, What about Michelle Malkin?

Now I know what you are thinking, who actually cares about Michelle Malkin? I don't either, but I bet she gets paid by the White House.

Although then again she might not, because who really gives a damn what that psycho $#%^#@ writes about anyways?

Here are some links to various posts about the controversy:

Atrios post about an MSNBC panel discussing the matter

Daily Kos adds a third hypocrite to the controversy
MYDD has another great write up on the third finding

My question is how many more are out there, and we probably won't find out.

Update: I checked Michelle Malkin's blog and would lik to extend an apology for accusing her of being a possible candidate of taking money from the White House. It seems she has been very critical of them.
However, she is still a psycho @#$^%&.

Update 2:She is probably just pissed off because no one would pay her, because she has no readers(other than myself) anyways!

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