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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

How about those Bulls!

Being a displaced Chicagoan, the one thing that has been keeping my attention away from all the inaugural bullshit, are the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have not been a real team since Michael, Scottie, and Phil left in 1998. However, after six years of suffering they are back as a real team. This year they started out 0-9, and have gone 21-10 since then.

The best thing is that they are playing team ball, not focusing on individual gains as much as overall gains for the whole unit. To draw a political analogy hopefully the Democratic party as a whole will come together, meaning state and national leaders and be a strong and scrappy opposition party.

One of my favorite new Bulls is Andres Nocioni, an argentinian rookie, who has a knack for tough defense and doing whatever it takes to win. He is amazing at getting under the other teams skin, which is hopefully what Harry Reid, with help from Barbara Boxer, might be able to do with some of our favorite Republican leaders.

Anyways, two sites that I will be following are The Bulls site and The Democratic Senate Site

Sorry for the corny analogies, but I do think sports analogies are valid in politics.

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