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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

An Off Topic South Park Thesis

Here is a great paper on my favorite show South Park.

It highlights one of my favorite issues I have with the people who blame our problems on TV and Video Games. If your children are violent because of what they watch on television or do in a video game it is not the show or the games fault, it is the parents fault for not being a good parent and explaining the issues clearly to their children.

Parents do not want to take fault for their failure to raise their children, thus they must blame someone else, the tv networks and video game producers.

This is one big theme I find with the reasoning of our citizens and leaders. We never attack the root of problems, we always attack the symptoms, i.e. the drug war, drug violence occurs because of the market created by making drugs illegal, so if you legalize drugs you eliminate the root of the problem.

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Anonymous Carrie Hu said ... (2:19 AM) : 

I totally agree with you that people shouldn’t blame tv show or computer games on how their children being violent. The thesis ideas you thought up certainly have meaning since there are a lot of factors, which include how the parent treat their children for them to be violent.


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