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Friday, December 10, 2004

"Terrorist Lasers" said Dr. Evil

From the people who brought us such intelligence as "Iraq has the capability to make Nuclear Weapons" and "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction"

But failed to realize that terrorists were learning to fly in our own flight schools and to realize that box cutters and other low-tech wonders could be used to turn our own planes into weapons of mass distruction.

Comes the astounding new piece of intelligence that terrorists will be using "lasers" to bring down our planes now. It almost seems like our intelligence is picturing Dr. Evil when making these reports and not Osama Bin Laden.
Also it seems that our intelligence or at least the current administration is infatuated with the terrorists targeting planes. They believe the terrorists to be as predictable as Dr. Evil as well.

Let me go out on a limb here, as long as we continue to focus on the planes I am pretty sure that the terrorists will find some other way to get us. It will be somewhere where we should be protecting but neglect to protect, due to lack of money. Anyways I am done blathering about our stupid media and our stupid intelligence(oxymoron).

Here is the story for all your reading enjoyment

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