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Monday, May 01, 2006

Al Gore: Lifelong Environmentalist

Welcome to all who have found this little blog through the "Manbearpig" post. It seems some commenters have a misconception about Al Gore, they believe he is capitalizing on global warming for his own political gain. This is just plain wrong.

Al Gore has been an environmentalist his entire political career. The first book he wrote, all the way back in 1992 called "Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit", here's a little blip from an editorial review:

The book is arranged into three sections: the first describes the plagues; the second looks at how we got ourselves into this mess; and the final chapters present ways out. Gore gets his points across in a serviceable way, though he could have benefited from a firmer editor's hand; at times the analogies are arcane and the pacing is odd--kind of like a Gore speech that climaxes at weird points and then sinks just as the audience is about to clap. Still, at the end you understand what's been said. Gore believes that if we apply some American ingenuity, the twin engines of democracy and capitalism can be rigged to help us stabilize world population growth, spread social justice, boost education levels, create environmentally appropriate technologies, and negotiate international agreements to bring us back from the brink. For example, a worldwide shift to clean, renewable energy sources would create huge economic opportunities for companies large and small to design, build, and maintain solar panels, wind turbines, fuel cells, and other ecofriendly innovations.

I also urge anyone who reads Wired to check out this article about Gore and his turn away from politics and into focusing on acting on the global warming problem that will only get worse the longer we put it off.

This isn't a political issue, its not republican or democrat, it's for anyone who lives here on Earth. Hopefully, the powers that be will not get distracted by focusing all their angst on the messenger when it is the message that really counts.

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Anonymous keith said ... (6:07 PM) : 

Mr Gore is already well known to serious environmentalists as part of the team that pushed GMO's down our throats, over the objections of the FDA scientists who stated that the neccessary testing was not being done - the FDA guys got fired, and their studies suppressed. He is also known as an active proponent of Whitelist policies favored by Monsanto and other Agribusiness monopolists - policies that may well result in an ecological disater, as well as a world food crisis.

He is also known as a zinc miner, who dumps tailing in the local river (though legally), and a man who prefers corporate agribusiness over rural farm holding - as one of the architects of the small farm crisis over which he and Clinton presided.

Finally - while not envidronmentally related, he is an anti choice politician by his voting record - and not by his speeches -indicating an honesty problem that casts a shadow on anything he proposes or supports.

As another example of this problem, he takes the Bush administration to task for their domestic surveillance program (and rightfully so) - yet never mentions that he is single most active and successful advocate for "Big Brother" surveillance ever produced (outside of Nazi Germany or the Iron Curtain). -- Gore's resumé in this respect includes 'Echelon'-the US international warrantless surveillance system, 'Carnivore'- the FBI's domestic warrantless surveillance system, the Clipper Chip - (a plan to force feed computer users an encryption system with built in 'back doors' for government access), and the creation of dedicated governmental oversight capabilities in all new digital communications systems, all projects overseen or proposed by Gore and enacted under his tenure.--

When these projects were loudly originally criticized as an attack on liberty, provocative, dangerous and reckless, Gore smilingly denigrated such fears as ridiculous. Today, of course, we see daily examples of Mr. Gore's systems in action, as liberty loving people throughout the world declaim the use of the very system Mr Gore proposed and helped create.

Mr Gore is NOT an environmentalist any more than the Clinton administration was environmentally friendly. Mr. Gore is, and has always been, all about business - the larger the better.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:52 PM) : 

Hello all.

tell the world how you feel about Monsanto, GMOs and the Whitelist:

get em before they are forced off by Monsanto Lawyers


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